PUNI Whisky Distillery
PUNI Whisky Distillery

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In the midst of the Alps, near the Ortler mountain range lies PUNI distillery just outside the small town of Glorenza in the Venosta valley. With pure alpine water and a varying climate the “Italian Highlands” are an ideal place for creating an extraordinary whisky.

The first Italian Whisky distillery

Their great enthusiasm and profound passion for the Scottish water of life encouraged the Ebensperger family to found PUNI distillery.


The Italian Malt Whisky

In the midst of the ``Italian Highlands`` we find the perfect conditions for creating an extraordinary whisky. With pure alpine water and 100% malt we distill the very first Italian whisky in original Scottish Pot stills.

Guided tours

Visitor Centre

One can explore the entire production area by taking a tour and is given the opportunity to learn everything about the production of the first Italian Malt Whisky.

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