With pure alpine water and a varying climate the Venosta valley is an ideal place for creating an extraordinary whisky.

We source the water from the nearby Stelvio National Park – pure alpine water which is naturally soft and pure and therefore perfectly suited for whisky making.

The South Tyrolean climate is characterized by warm summers and cold winters. These considerable changes in temperature promote an accelerated maturation inside our warehouses. The local climate is a major reason for the mellow and distinguished taste of the Italian Malt Whisky, even after a relatively short period of maturation.


The distillery building itself reflects the harmonious interplay of tradition and modernity at PUNI distillery and its style: modern, elegant and venturous. A fusing of classic architecture and modern inspiration. The eye-catching design of the outer hull with offset red bricks is inspired by the traditional building style of barn windows in the region.

The whisky is produced inside a 13 by 13 metres cube, below ground level.

Our extraordinary building was designed by the architect Werner Tscholl from South Tyrol. He and the founder of our distillery, master builder Albrecht Ebensperger, have known each other for many years from joint projects, such as the renovation of Firmiano Castle near Bolzano.

Traditional Pot Stills

When it comes to the manufacture of the Italian Malt Whisky, traditional Pot Stills are merged with state-of-the-art technology to ensure the premium quality of the whisky.
Temperature control during distillation is vital to the taste of the whisky. Because of this we conceived a unique heating system. Instead of steam, overheated water is used to heat both stills. This makes it possible to control the temperatures very precisely during distillation and to be particularly careful when selecting only the best part of the spirit in the process.
The linking of the traditional distillation equipment and the complex heating system was very challenging. However it is precisely the balance between the well established tradition and scientific innovation that is paramount to the taste of the Italian Malt Whisky.


Apart the quality of the whisky itself we also emphasize on the presentation of our whiskies.

The aim was to create a modern interpretation of the classic shape of whisky bottles that implements the Italian affinity for elegant design and communicates the premium quality of the whisky inside.

The bottle and packaging was designed by young Italian designer Christian Zanzotti. The design is a modern interpretation of the traditional shape of whisky bottles and reflects our modern approach to traditional ways also in the way that we make our whisky. The bottle is slender with clear-cut edges. The design avoids gimmickry and ornaments and instead focuses on a clean and elegant presentation. The top half is varnished to hide half of the bottles content. Playing with this element of mysteriousness, the consumer is tempted to discover the whisky and the story behind it. The 360° label keeps the holistic approach to the design intact by having the shape look the same from whichever side it is looked at.