In the midst of the Alps, near the Ortler mountain range lies PUNI distillery just outside the small town of Glorenza in the Venosta valley. With pure alpine water from the Nationalparc Stelvio and a varying climate of South Tyrol the valley is an ideal place for creating an extraordinary whisky.

Core Range

From fruity to spicy – discover the variety of the whiskies from our core range.

PUNI ARTE Limited Editions

ARTE is an exclusive range of the Italian Malt Whisky, each batch being handselected and created by our founders. With each of these unique and limited editions we aim to create an individual taste profile and showcase the art of Italian whisky making.

PUNI AURA Limited Editions

Each edition of AURA is bottled at full cask strength to ensure its depth of aromas is retained. All whiskies bottled in this range will showcase a different flavour profile and will only be released in limited numbers.

Since 2015

Award winning

Timeless Design

The bottle and packaging was designed by young Italian designer Christian Zanzotti. The design is a modern interpretation of the traditional shape of whisky bottles and reflects our modern approach to traditional ways also in the way that we make our whisky. Winner of the World Whisky Awards – Design 2016