Within the AURA series we are exclusively releasing limited edition whiskies, bottled at cask strength to provide a unique showcase of the Italian Malt Whisky at a certain point in time.

The aura of a work of art is characterized by the nature of its authenticity and individuality. The artwork is defined by its uniqueness and by the fact that it is tied to a certain moment in time. Because the same historical moment is never repeated, the particular sensation of a moment can never be reproduced.

Within the AURA series we are releasing exclusive cask strength whiskies. You are almost able to taste our whisky straight from the cask. It provides a unique showcase of our Italian Malt Whisky at a certain moment in time.

Cask strength means that they have not been diluted down to a standard drinking strenght but rather bottled at full strength. Depending on the duration of maturation, warehousing conditions and filling strength, this usually means AURA whiskies will be bottled between 55% abv to 65% abv.

You are able to taste our whisky straight from the cask. Each release provides a unique showcase of our whiskies at a certain moment in time. It is in a way the purest form of experiencing our whiskies as it finds its way, almost directly, from our warehouse to your tasting glass.

If you are unfamiliar with drinking high strength whiskies, we recommend you have a glass of clean, preferably soft, drinking water ready for your tasting. It is not uncommon to add water to cask strength whiskies during tastings. Perhaps start off by tasting it neat and then proceed with adding just a few drops of water at the time. Keep tasting until you find the right level that suits your taste palate best. For some only very little to no water is needed, others prefer the addition of more water. Tasting cask strength releases should be an individual experience rather than a standardized process. It’s about getting to know the true aura of the whisky one sip at a time.
PUNI AURA 03 box (frei) (Large)

PUNI AURA Limited Edition 03

Age: 8,8 years
Alcohol: 56%
Casks: Virgin Oak

taste profile: apple | malt | candied fruit

bottled in 2023
Limited Edition of 910 bottles

This exclusive cask strength whisky with 56% vol has been carefully selected and aged for 8.8 years in virgin oak casks from France.

The result is a unique and exquisite whisky that provides a tasting journey of the senses. With tasting notes of apple, malt, and candied fruit, every sip of PUNI AURA Limited Edition 03 is a discovery of the true aura of Italian Malt Whisky.

Only 910 bottles of this sought-after edition have been released, each bottled at full strength and presented in a prestige box. It is perfect for collectors of precious whiskies worldwide.

Order your bottle of PUNI AURA Limited Edition 03 today and immerse yourself in the true aura of Italian Malt Whisky.


PUNI AURA Limited Edition 02

Age: 8,4 years
Alcohol: 63,5%
Casks: Ex-Marsala

taste profile: dried fruit | liquorice | hazelnut

bottled 2021
Limited Edition of 717 bottles

PUNI AURA Limited Edition 02 was matured for over 8 years exclusively in Ex-Marsala casks from Sicily. Full-bodied aromas of amarena, nuts and dried fruit are paired with notes of christmas spices and licorice.

Bottled at full cask strength (63,5% abv), this whisky offers an extraordinary taste experience. Only 717 bottles are being produced. Each one carefully filled, labeled and packaged by hand.

Enjoy this unique Italian Malt Whisky neat or after the addition of just a few drops of still water.

PUNI AURA 01: Flasche

PUNI AURA Limited Edition 01

Age: 6,5 years
Alcohol: 56,2%
‘casks: Ex-Bourbon & Ex-Peated

taste profile: wood ashes | caramell | lemon

bottled 2019
Limited Edition of 393 bottles

For the very first edition of PUNI AURA we chose a whisky that was first aged for two and a half years in Bourbon barrels from the US and then spent another four years in ex-peated casks. Then, after six and a half years of total maturation it was bottled at full cask strength of 56,2% abv.

On the nose there are dominant notes of peat and apples. Then ripe peaches emerge, accompanied by warm notes of caramel and vanilla from the Bourbon barrels. The taste reveals delicate notes of lemon, ripe bananas and vanilla under a wave of burned firewood and maritime flavours of sea spray.

Please take your time to enjoy this exclusive whisky and to get to experience it in all its richness.

Make no mistake: this is a beautifully constructed malt whisky: I doubt if Michelangelo could have done better.
Jim Murray