Core Range

From  fruity to spicy – discover the variety of the whiskies from our core range.


elegant & fruity


alcohol: 43%
casks: Ex-Bourbon
flavour profile: vanilla | mango | pepper

PUNI GOLD is the classic style of the Italian Malt Whisky. Matured exclusively in Ex-Bourbon casks, GOLD is a fragrant and elegant whisky with a bright golden colour and a timeless character. A harmonious marriage of summer fruits and sweet vanilla, completed by a beautiful touch of spicy oak.

Our signature flavour profile of fresh apples and pears paired with a spicy maltiness is always present. The nose is delicately sweet and reminiscent of candyfloss. Generous vanilla and ripening peaches emerge. Flowery aromas are intertwined with fresh and fruity notes of citrus fruits and malt. Scents of white roses, spicy oak wood a hint of pepper counterpoint the sweetness of banana, ripe mango and caramel.


fruity & sweet


alcohol: 46%
casks: Ex-Bourbon & Pedro Ximénez Sherry
flavour profile: wild honey | oak | blood orange

PUNI SOLE was matured in Ex-Bourbon barrels from the United States and in Pedro Ximénez Sherry casks from Spain.

Sole means „sun“ in Italian and reflects two crucial stages in Sherry making. After harvesting, the grapes are dried under the hot Spanish sun, concentrating their sweetness. The wine from these grapes is then aged for many years in frequently changing oak casks. This ancient maturation method is called solera.

The taste is distinctively sweet with strong notes of honey and blood orange, that are counterpointed by creamy flavours of walnut and spicy oak.


dark fruity & spicy


alcohol: 43%
casks: Ex-Marsala
flavour profile: sultanas | cinnamon | walnuts

PUNI VINA is our exclusive range of our whisky matured in handselected casks from Sicily which have previously held Marsala wine.

In PUNI VINA mixed aromas of fruit cake are dominant. Creamy walnuts and sweet sultanas envelop the palate and notes of plums, orange peel and cherry compote with cinnamon complement the full bodied character.

Past releases


NOVA was the new and pure expression of our innovative approach to whisky making and was matured in American and European white oak barrels for over three years.

NOVA was matured for three years in Ex-Bourbon barrels from the US and finished for a very short period in new European oak casks. It has a very spring-like nature, with elaborate aromas of vanilla, pear, citrus and and interesting counterpoint in the spiciness of the oak.

Size: 700 ml
Alcohol: 43%
Age: 3 years
Casks: American & European oak
Flavour profile: honey | banana | vanilla


This Limited Edition bottling was a very rich & fruity whisky, matured in Pinot Nero casks from the best local wineries.

South Tyrol is a famous wine growing region and due to its climate one of the few areas in Italy suited for growing the grape variety Pinot Nero.

Only a handful of casks were selected for this Limited Edition bottling. PUNI NERO showcases the unique tastes of South Tyrol by combining the regions long standing tradition in growing grain as well as grapes.

Only 3000 bottles

Size: 700 ml
Alcohol: 46%
Age: 4 years
Casks: Pinot Nero
Aroma profile: plums | wild berries | orange zest


ALBA – the Italian word for dawn – is matured for three years in the finest Marsala casks from Sicily and finished in handselected ex-peated casks.

ALBA is a winter whisky. The nose and taste has lovely aromas of dark fruit, plum jam and christmas spices. The first impression is very warm and engaging with the fruity flavours slowly giving way to aromas of pepper, nuts and herbs. All of these are complemented by a gentle mist of peat that engulfs the winey notes, but never becomes too overpowering.

This whisky is a harmonious combination of the rich & fruity flavours of Italy and distinctive smoky flavours.

age: 3 years
alcohol: 43%
casks: Marsala & Ex-peated
flavour profile: dark fruit | peat | cloves