PUNI Whisky gift box classic

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PUNI Whisky

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The dispatch includes a black gift box, filling material in the form of black tissue paper and a gift ribbon for the bow.

1x PUNI whisky of your choice

PUNI GOLD: A classic, light fruity whisky, matured in ex-bourbon casks
PUNI SOLE: A sweet, very fruity whisky, matured in ex-bourbon and PX sherry casks
PUNI VINA | Marsala Edition: A spicy, dark fruity whisky, matured in Marsala casks

2x PUNI tasting glass

Original PUNI tasting glass with engraved PUNI logo
Volume: 12.8 cl | 4.5 Imp.fl.oz. | 4.3 US fl.oz.
Dimensions: Diameter 57.0 mm | Height 157.0 mm

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