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In the midst of the Alps, near the Ortler mountain range lies PUNI distillery just outside the small town of Glorenza in the Venosta valley.

With pure alpine water and a varying climate the “Italian Highlands” are an ideal place for creating an extraordinary whisky.

After years of contemplation and planning, builder Albrecht Ebensperger quite literally laid the foundation for the first Italian whisky distillery in 2010. Their great enthusiasm and profound passion for the Scottish water of life encouraged the Ebensperger family to found PUNI distillery.

The distillery takes its name from the nearby river Puni, which flows through the Venosta valley. Similar as with Scottish distilleries, which mostly have gaelic names, PUNI is an ancient raetic name, deeply rooted in the local history.



The distillery layout was designed and executed very carefully. Both Pot Stills were laboriously handcrafted in Rothes in Scotland before being installed under the supervision of Scottish industry experts. Today they form the copper heart at the centre of PUNI distillery.

The design of the distillery’s outer hull is inspired by the traditional building style of barn windows and reflects the harmonious interplay of tradition and modernity.



After completion of the distillation plant and after more than two years of construction, in spring of 2012 the manufacture of the first Italian whisky began.

On Friday the 24th of February 2012 the Wash Still was heated up for the first time. It was an exciting and crucial moments for the whole PUNI Team as it concluded the work of over five years and gave birth to a new future: Italian Malt Whisky

In autumn of 2012 the PUNI visitor centre was officially opened. Eversince visitors are most welcome.

Extensive guided tours & tastings are offered throughout the year and the whole range of products is offered at the PUNI Shop inside the distillery. There are also special bottling available exclusively at the distillery.



After a little more than three years of maturation we finally bottled our first whiskies and celebrated the release of PUNI NOVA and PUNI ALBA in October 2015. Matured in very different types of casks we were able to showcase right from the beginning our intention to create a wide range of taste profiles.

PUNI NOVA was matured in first fill Ex-Bourbon casks and finished for a month in New-Oak-Casks – a light and fruity Whisky, perfect for summer days.

PUNI ALBA was matured for two years in Ex-Marsala casks before beeing finished in Ex-Islay casks – a dark fruity and peaty whisky, perfect for a lovely evening next to a fireplace.



Besides our classic three malt recipe we also started production of 100% pure barley malt which we source from Italy and Bavaria, Germany. We also distilled original Scottish peated barley malt to produce our own peated Malt Whisky.

Since the beginning of production we continuously expand our range of whiskies – each with a very distinctive character and matured in different types of casks such as Ex-Bourbon barrels from the US, Ex-Wine casks from Italy, Ex-Sherry casks from Spain and Ex-Whisky casks from Scotland.

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