PUNI Distillery

Our story


In the heartland of the Italian Alps, next to the Ortler mountain range and the National Parc Stelvio, an exceptional idea was conceived. PUNI Distillery, Italy's pioneer whisky distillery, found its home in the Venosta valley, near the quaint town of Glorenza. Pure alpine water and the valley's versatile climate offer a perfect stage for the grandeur of whisky. A labour of love and admiration for whisky led the Ebensperger family to establish the PUNI Distillery in 2010. The distillery itself is named after the river Puni, flowing through the valley - a testament to how deeply interwoven it is with its locale.

The Idea


In 2010, PUNI distillery was more than an idea. It was a reality rooted in careful planning and meticulous design. The distillery's two traditional copper Pot Stills, painstakingly handcrafted and installed under expert supervision, became its beating heart. The distillery resonates with a blend of tradition and innovation, reflected in a design inspired by alpine barn window architectural style.



The year 2012 marked a new era in the Italian whisky landscape. After meticulous preparations and two years of construction, the ebullient PUNI team distilled the first Italian whisky. The inaugural heating of the Wash Still on February 24 was a moment of triumph, marking the birth of future Italian Malt Whisky, which was based on a unique mash bill of malted barley, malted rye and malted wheat. That autumn, the PUNI Visitor Center officially unveiled its doors, inviting people to experience the magic behind Italian whisky making.



2015 was a fruitful year. Having waited for more than three years, the first PUNI whiskies, NOVA and ALBA, were finally bottled. Each whisky offering distinct taste profiles, matured in a variety of casks, introduced whisky lovers to a new palate of flavours.



Growing from strength to strength, the range of PUNI whiskies has been continuously expanded. Leveraging the art of distillation, the distillery now produces 100% pure barley malt distilled whisky mainly sourced from Italy and its peated Malt sourced from Scotland. Maintaining the commitment to offer distinct flavours, The Italian Malt Whisky matures in a variety of casks, including ex-Bourbon barrels from the US, ex-Wine casks from Italy, ex-Sherry casks from Spain, ex-peated casks and Virgin Oak.



With its continuous experimentation and ambitious whisky-making prowess, PUNI Distillery aims to shape the future of Italian Whisky. As it evolves, the distillery will continue its pursuit of extraordinary aromas and flavours, promising patrons a journey of sensory delight with each sip of their drink.

Future Years